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Practice Limited To Periodontics
Including Dental Implants


Specialty License # 3253


2605 Route 35, Manasquan, NJ  08736


Phone:  (732)223-6000


Fax:  (732)223-6129



848 W. Bay Ave, Bldg. B, Barnegat, NJ  08005  


Phone:  (609)698-5200


Fax:  (609)698-5290




Case #1:

Front right tooth replaced with a dental implant due to

external resorption in the root.  Top photos are with the bad tooth

and bottom photos are with the implant restored. 

Below is the patient before and after the implant:




Case #2:

Missing front tooth replaced with a dental implant.


Case #3:

Gum recession on numerous teeth repaired with

connective tissue grafts:


Case #4:

Case #5:


Case #6:

Gum graft to repair recession and lack of firm tissue on

lower incisor:


Case #7:

Replacing a poorly positioned implant (done by another dentist)

by first building bone and gum tissue:



Case #8:

Congenitally Missing Lateral Incisors Replaced with Two Implants and Crowns:



Case #9:

Gum recession with root decay repaired with removal of decay and regeneration of gum with a connective tissue graft: