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We offer traditional orthodontic brackets to straighten your teeth in a slightly slower, more deliberate fashion.  Most Orthodontists use traditional bracket systems in their practices.

The Roth bracket system was introduced in 1975 and is probably the most widely used type of brackets world wide.  Roth, a highly regarded research Orthodontist, designed a Straight Wire Appliance (SWA).  It is a single appliance system, consisting primarily of minimum extraction series brackets, which allow management of both extraction and non-extraction cases.  Roth has been described as the second generation of preadjusted brackets, and Roth's recommendations are widely accepted by clinicians.


A few features need to be present in an appliance to be considered a true SWA.  

   1st - each bracket has to be tooth-specific and have built-in torque, tip, in/out, and, for the molars, the proper offset. 

   2nd - the torque has to be built in the base of the bracket, not in the face, and the tip in the face of the slot.

   3rd - the base of the bracket must be contoured makeing a “compound contour” base, which allows the dentist to achieve an optimal bracket placement

   4th - a series of additional brackets with different degrees of overcorrection to account for undesired tooth movement that occurs when closing spaces.


Tooth colored ceramic Braces are available for an additional $1000 fee.



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