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Fastbraces® was created in 1992 to be an alternative to traditional braces. Since then, Fastbraces® have helped many thousands of people get straighter, healthier smiles!

Today, Fastbraces® is a popular orthodontic tool that is used all over the country. The key to Fastbraces® lies in their design which is very different from that of traditional braces. Instead of moving teeth, roots, and crowns individually, Fastbraces® can move them all at the same time. As a result, patients tend to experience less discomfort than they do with traditional braces.  And, since all parts of the teeth can moved at the same time, Fastbraces® can work more quickly than traditional braces do.

Fastbraces LogoIn fact, most people can see results from their Fastbraces® in three months to a year.

Fastbraces® was designed to help virtually anyone who has crooked teeth. Fastbraces® can be worn by children, teenagers, and adults.  No matter how old you are, seeing success from Fastbraces® can help you face the world with more confidence!

Fastbraces® has been available for about 20 years. Dr. Mark Stepehnson is currently the only dental office in the Raleigh, NC area offering Fastbraces®.  

Dr. Stepehnson and Fastbraces are ready to help you love your smile again -- maybe even for the first time!

Call today to schedule your exam and consultation with the doctor.  We can answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Because Fastbraces® work differently than traditional braces, most people have questions about Fastbraces®. Here are answers to some of the most common questions.

Q. How do Fastbraces® work?

A. Fastbraces® are designed to do what traditional braces do - only, they can do it faster. Fastbraces® have a unique design that is able to move the top and root of teeth simultaneously. Traditional braces have to move the top and roots in two separate steps, so the process takes longer.

Q. Who can wear Fastbraces®

A. Fastbraces® are designed to work on most children, teenagers, and adults.

Q. Do Fastbraces® hurt?

A. Anytime you alter the positioning of your teeth - whether you use traditional braces or Fastbraces®, there is going to be some discomfort. However, since Fastbraces® can move the top and root of teeth at the same time, they cause less discomfort than traditional braces.

Q. How long does it take to see the result from Fastbraces®?

A. Instead of waiting to 2 or 3 years with traditional braces, Fastbraces® can give most people straighter smiles in about a year. In fact, there are plenty of people who have seen remarkable results from their Fastbraces® in just a few months.

Q. Is there a guarantee?

A. Fastbraces® gives you a lifetime satisfaction commitment! If, for whatever reason, you need braces again for some of the original crooked teeth, your provider will give you the braces again at no charge. You will simply pay for the future charge for two new sets of clear retainers and records.

Q. How long will treatment take?

A. Typically, anywhere between three (3) months to about a year.

Q. Can Fastbraces® straighten all of my teeth?

A. Absolutely. Fastbraces® addresses the needs of all the teeth, not just the front ones. Fastbraces® is great for kids and adults. It's the full treatment just like the old braces; they simply move the teeth differently in order to finish in about a year.

Q. Are clear braces available?

A. Yes, Fastbraces® does offer clear brackets. This option does increase the cost and length of treatment. If interested, please ask your doctor about the clear braces Raleigh NC option during your consultation.

Q. Do all patients qualify for Fastbraces®?

A. Most patients qualify (about 80%). The only conditions that Fastbraces® does not address are teeth stuck in the bone (impacted, surgical (jaw) cases and TMJ (joint) pain as well as some extreme underbites or multidisciplinary (need very specialized treatment) cases.

Q. Can Fastbraces® work for adults, too?

A. Of course. Fastbraces® are great for kids and adults.

Q. Are there any risks at Fastbraces® compared to traditional braces?

A. No, there are no more risks of tooth or root problems than those associated with traditional braces. In fact, university research has shown very positive results. We believe this is due to the fact that Fastbraces® moves teeth with the patented braces technology gently with low forces. A special square nickel- titanium wire is activated by the heat of the mouth. It torques the whole tooth in the natural mouth temperature in one stage in about a year and in some cases in just a few months.

Q. Why do some people still think that if you move the teeth fast you may damage them?

A. Years and years ago with the old conventional braces, the movement of the teeth was very limited and if the doctor tried to tighten the braces more to make the teeth move faster, that would have hurt a lot and possibly even damage the teeth by causing the roots to get shorter (a phenomenon called root resorption ). It's like saying if you ride a horse too fast, you'll kill it from exhaustion. That's true; however, if it's a car and not a horse, then you can go faster than a horse. Fastbraces® is new, patented technology created to move the teeth differently, in order for the movement of the teeth to be safe and affordable.

Q. How is Fastbraces® different from other so-called quick systems or even the modern-day traditioal braces?

A. Fastbraces® is the original, fast and safe braces system developed by Dallas orthodontist Dr. Anthony Viazis about 20 years ago. Fastbraces® moves the root of the teeth from the beginning of treatment in order to upright the tooth in the final straight position. Once the root is upright, the tooth is straight. This is done by using a square wire from the beginning of treatment that torques the root in position.

Most other orthodontic braces start with a round wire which cannot torque the root but rather simply begins the alignment of the crowns of the teeth until the doctor can move up in wire size to a square or rectangular wire that can torque the root. Fastbraces® can do that from the beginning. In short, other braces are usually square in shape and typically move the crowns during the first year and the roots during the second year, thus requiring around two years of braces treatment. The patented triangular design of the braces used at Fastbraces®gently allows for movement of the crown and root of the teeth at the same time, requiring typically one year of treatment instead of two years. 

How do I clean my Fastbraces® ? Click on the link and watch the instructional video.

Home Care Instruction Sheet 


Maintaining your beautiful smile after braces -   Retainers will maintain the alignment of your teeth.

After your braces come off, depending on where they were in the first place, your dentist will determine if a fixed or removable retainer is best for your teeth. A fixed retainer does what the name implies. It is a retainer that fixes itself to the inner part of your teeth where the tongue lies.


On the opposite end of the spectrum, if your dentist recommends a removable retainer, this will allow you to take the retainer out of your mouth and put it back in as needed. Removable retainers are generally for teenagers or adults who will have an easier time remembering to put them back in at night.

We will provide you with two sets of retainers included in the initial braces fee. Dr. Stepenson will determine the types of retainers specific to your needs at the end of your braces treatment.

If you lose your retainer, throw it away, grind a hole in it, break it, or your dog/cat chews it up then you will be respondible for the fee to replace it. 

Retainer Care and Information Sheet

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