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Practice Limited To Periodontics
Including Dental Implants

Specialty License # 3253

2605 Route 35, Manasquan, NJ  08736

Phone:  (732)223-6000

Fax:  (732)223-6129

848 W. Bay Ave, Bldg. B, Barnegat, NJ  08005  

Phone:  (609)698-5200

Fax:  (609)698-5290

Over 20 years ago, Dr. Kukucka obtained advanced training in dental implant surgery, placing his first implant in 1989.  That original patient has been in regular maintenance care ever since, with the implant functioning without problems or incident for over 20 years.  She has subsequently had all her upper teeth successfully replaced with implants.  Our philosphy is to provide the patient with multiple alternative treatment solutions discussing the fees, potential pitfalls, and prognosis for success for each plan.

There are hundreds of dental implant manufacturers.  We use only dental implants manufactured and supported by the largest and most reputable dental implant companies in the world.  Most carry a manufacturer's lifetime warranty and provide technical support representatives to meet with your restoring dentist if needed.

A Periodontist is the only dental specialist with the advanced education to realistically determine the risks and benefits of treating teeth with periodontal problems or in need of crown lengthening surgery versus replacing them with implants.  Armed with that information, you the patient can then make your treatment decision considering both the short and long-term prognosis of each plan, making a thorough cost-benefit analysis based on your personal finances and insurance coverage.  

Dental Implant Patient Education